Web Development Tutorials

There are many ways to learn web development. Our content below will guide you through our own way of learning web development.

Our web development tutorials will help you create your own web application. We strive to create and maintain the highest quality web development tutorials on the internet.

Basics of Web Development

In this category, we will learn the basics of PHP and JavaScript programming, and Bootstrap CSS framework to make our web application look good and responsive. Aside from HTML, our tutorials here in CodeOfaNinja require knowledge in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS to build a web application.

How to run a PHP script? 

JavaScript tutorial for beginners

Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners

PHP Programming Tutorials

Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress – what do they all have in common? They use PHP! PHP is the fastest way to get your web application up and running. Learn how to build a PHP web application with our tutorials in this category.

PHP CRUD Tutorial for Beginners


PHP Login Script with SESSION

PHP & MySQL Shopping Cart Tutorial

PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial using SESSIONS

REST API Tutorials

Learn how to make REST APIs with our tutorials in this category. We will use PHP to build the REST APIs. It will serve as the backend of our JavaScript web application. This is required before we go to our JavaScript programming tutorials.

How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP?

REST API Authentication Example in PHP

JavaScript Programming Tutorials

Learn how to build a JavaScript web application with our tutorials in this category. We will use PHP for backend programming and JavaScript for frontend programming.

JavaScript CRUD tutorial

Social Media API Tutorials

Develop a web app using Social Media APIs! Our tutorials will help you get contents from social media and display it on a web page. This is useful if you want to engage users with content from your social media feeds.

Display Facebook Page Events on Website

Display Facebook Page Photo Album on Website

Display Facebook Page Videos on Website

Display Facebook Page Posts on Website

Display Instagram Feed on Website

Display Twitter Feed on Website


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